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Crazy Maths - Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide

There are 4 main math operations in Crazy Math game. Works without ads and without Internet!

Crazy math game courses;

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math operations are included. It is played against time. The duration of each section varies according to the difficulty level.

Multiplication Table - The Most Fun Math Game !

The world's most fun multiplication table (math) game awaits you. You can start playing by downloading this game immediately, which will improve their multiplication table skills for players and enable them to perform quick multiplication operations.

There are 30 different levels that are becoming increasingly difficult. Each level consists of 30 different questions.  

Numbers & Mathematics - The Most Fun Math Game

Numbers and math games improve your ability to instantly respond to simple math operations with fun math practice.

Numbers and mathematics game;
Number Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Multiply Counting (Counting by Twos, Counting by Threes, etc.), Storey Countdowns (Counting by Twos, Counting by Threes, etc.) and Multiplication Table topics are included.

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